Luke Jermay: Intuition

Century Theatre

Luke Jermay: Intuition


The entertainer Luke Jermay is back with a brand new interactive stage show jam-packed with phenomenal jaw dropping demonstrations of intuition, telepathy and prediction. Your mind will be read, your choices will be predicted and your future will be revealed. This is a unique experience that is funny, entertaining, emotional, controversial, uplifting and insightful.


“This  new  show  brings  my  passions  for  the  mysteries  of  the  mind,  divination,  telepathy  and  magic  together  to  create  something  really  unique  and  amazing.  The  show  is  all  about  you!  Your  thoughts,  your  past,  your  present  and  your  future!  If  you  have  enjoyed  my  previous  show  I  know  you  will  love  my  new  show ‘Intuition’ which  takes  things  to  the  next  level.”

Luke  Jermay  


“Jermay  puts  the  rest  of  us  mind  readers  to  shame”

Derren  Brown  


“Jermay  is  one  of  my  favourite  performers!  See  his  show!”

David  Blaine  


“Jermay  is  a  genius  of  modern  mind  reading.  See  his  amazing  live  show!”

Dynamo,  Magician  Impossible  


“My  jaw  dropped  repeatedly...  Jermay  puts  us  in  a  state  where  we  can  wonder  whether  life  has  more  possibilities  than  we  thought  it  did  an  hour  before”

The  Times  


Please  note:  No  spirit  mediumship  will  be  presented  in ‘Intuition’ and  the  show  is  suitable  for  those  14  years  and  older.  


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