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February 2016

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Performing Arts @ Century Theatre Presents:
T.Rextasy - SOLD OUT

20th February

Returning to the Century after 4 sell-out shows, T.Rextasy have now been performing around the world for over 20 years, a career that ironically out lives Marc's very own T.Rex. The band is now accepted as the world's only official live tribute band dedicated to Marc Bolan & T.Rex.

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An Evening with Sergeant White

27th February

Sgt Frederick White of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment is recruiting for King, Country, and Empire!

It is August 1914 and Britain is at war with Germany. Belgium and parts of northern France are already occupied and Lord Kitchener has called for the immediate recruitment of 100,000 men. Sgt White, a veteran of campaigns in the Sudan and South Africa has been sent out from the Regimental Depot in Warwick, in search of recruits, men aged 19 to 30, and to encourage them to rally to the colours with stirring stories of the glory to be had in the service of the King!

March 2016

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Expressions Dance & Natalie Nightingale Presents:
Disney Delights and Musical Magic - SOLD OUT

5th March

Join us for an unforgettable evening of music and dance, laughter, thrills and a touch of romance. You will be well and truly entertained with all your favourite Walt Disney songs and dances, plus hits from popular West End shows.

Profits from this show will be donated to Redgate Animal Sanctuary, based in Coalville.


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Mark Steel - Who Do I Think I Am?

10th March

It never really bothered me that I’d never met my mum.

It never occurred to me I needed to meet her to ‘find out who I was’, as it didn’t seem likely I’d discover I was someone different to who I thought I was. Could it turn out I was three stone lighter than I thought, or I spoke Italian or supported Arsenal or had a fear of Liquorice Allsorts?

See Mark Steel in his newest stand up show; a surprising and enthralling story told with aplomb.

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Tayo Aluko and Friends Presents:
Call Mr Robeson - A Life With Songs

18th March

A rollercoaster journey through African-American actor and singer Paul Robeson’s remarkable life, highlighting his pioneering and heroic political activism. Features Ol’ Man River and other famous songs, much fiery oratory, and a defiant testimony to the House Un-American Activities Committee.

This show was presented at New York's Carnegie Hall in February 2012 and in London's West End in October 2013.

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Talon - The Acoustic Collection 2016

19th March

In 2016 the show will once again be touring the UK and if you have not seen ‘The Acoustic Collection’ before then you are in for a real treat. Sat on bar stools and armed with no more than their trademark four part vocal harmony, acoustic instruments and laid back banter, Talon will leave you spellbound. Come and experience the other side of Talon as they perform a wide and varied selection of their own arrangements of contemporary acoustic classics from the 1920’s to the present day.

April 2016

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Blast From The Past Presents:
A Brief History Of Music

15th April

A Brief History Of Music‘ takes in 600 years of musical history in 90 minutes! Beginning in the Middle Ages and ending up in the 20th century (and incorporating everything in between!) this fun and fast-moving show is a whistle-stop tour of Western musical history.

Featuring long forgotten songs and tunes (not to mention jokes!) Blast from the Past paint a vibrant and vivid picture of our musical DNA, mixing the familiar and the obscure, the raucous and the reflective and the courtly and the commonplace.

May 2016

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The Eduardo Niebla Duo

14th May

If you don’t know the stunning guitar playing of Eduardo Niebla, you’re in for a treat. If you are already amongst his admirers around the world, you know you have something quite extraordinary in store. The virtuoso Spanish guitarist makes music that transcends genres and crosses barriers, fusing flamenco gypsy jazz with a myriad of classical and Indian colours that are quite breathtaking. And moreover it is heart-rending lyricism that brings a truly poetic quality to Eduardo’s performances and a dynamic energy that makes each concert unbelievably invigorating.

September 2016

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Badapple Theatre Company Presents:
The Last Station Keeper

29th September

The station house at Honeypot Holt is under attack, and not just from the resident bees.

As the summer days drone on, the threat of closure creeps nearer and nearer, as the new high speed link threatens the archaic bumbling ways of the station master and the railway cottage that has stood at the village centre as long as anyone can remember.

A heartfelt and hilarious look at the perils of modern life when the 21st Century 'need for speed' hits the old ways head on....

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Blonde Sheep Events Presents:
An Evening of Mediumship with TV Psychic Tony Stockwell

30th September


 Tony Stockwell: Sensitive and inspirational, his messages are amazingly detailed and always humorous.

 Tony Stockwell is a Spiritualist Medium and spirit communication is part of his own religious belief, but we accept differing opinions exist regarding mediumship. Any demonstration of mediumship is an experiment and results are not guaranteed.

October 2016

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The Counterfeit Sixties

8th October

Take a large helping of the best pop music ever recorded. Toss in four musicians playing 100% live. Add a light show and sound system that Pink Floyd would envy. Stir in a generous amount of video and stills of the stars from a bygone era. Sprinkle with anecdotes & reminiscences. Mix in a large dollop of Geordie humour and a little sauce. Cook for 2 hours. Result: The Counterfeit Sixties Show!

November 2016

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The Century Theatre Presents:
Sex and the Tudors

19th November

This talk given by Tutbury Castle Curator Lesley Smith, is a rip-roaring journey through the sexual exploits of the Tudors. According to records it was not just Henry VIII.

Who was having a good time! Contraception, prostitution and much more feature in this engaging and highly entertaining lecture.

Lesley was awarded her M.Phil. in Tudor medicine last year.

Not suitable for those who shock easily, have a nervous disposition or for under 18s!

December 2016

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The Panto Company Presents:
Dick Whittington

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th December

Another Christmas classic gets The Panto Company treatment!

Our hero journeys to London to seek his fortune, accompanied by his faithful cat. But gold soon becomes the least of his worries when he is smitten with Alice Fitzwarren, the Alderman's daughter, and is confronted with the baddest of all pantomime baddies - King Rat!

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Blast From The Past Presents:
A Brief History Of Christmas

17th December

Acclaimed historical musicians Blast from the Past present a festive romp through 600 years of Christmas music, songs and stories.

Beginning in the Middle Ages and ending in the 20th century, ‘A Brief History of Christmas’ is a whistle-stop tour of the origins of our midwinter festivities. Featuring long-forgotten songs and tales as well as some familiar and well-loved carols, ‘A Brief History of Christmas‘ is a show guaranteed to delight the hearts of young and old.

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