The Twits

The Twits


Directed & Produced by Ethan J Smith

Roald Dahl created some truly revolting characters in his time but surely few can compare with the noxiousness of Mr and Mrs Twit. This adaptation by David Wood is a marvelous mix of singing, music, slapstick, audience participation, shouting and beards. Five Star Theatre and the Century Theatre are very excited to be bringing these two ghastly characters to the stage in Coalville this November. 

Bored with playing schoolkiddish tricks on one another, the grotesque, satisfyingly revolting couple Mr and Mrs Twit turn their attentions to capturing and training a family of monkeys, the Mugglewumps, for a circus act. The monkeys' cruel incarceration in a cage is avenged when the birds trick the Twits into believing the world has turned upside-down.

Come and witness these truly ghastly, infamous book characters come to life in this fun and interactive production featuring original songs, bird pies and balloons…




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